Mark 3D Introduction

Mark 3D UK specialises in the supply and support of the Markforged range of carbon fibre and metal 3D printing machines. The business helps engineers produce stronger, fully functional and better looking 3D printed parts, meaning that Markforged products are a reliable alternative to conventional machining methods.

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The Solution

Products and Price Books were implemented, incorporating formulas and automation to create the metrics needed and reduce manual calculations. Advanced currency management was set up and training provided on how to manage this feature. Four templates in TS Documents were created for Mark3D to generate Quotes, Invoices, Packing Slips and Delivery Notes from within Salesforce. This included the mapping of data across to the template to reduce manual entry and a data load of Assets. The Case Management process was scoped and defined and then built in Salesforce by customising the Case Object, creating an auto-response rule and email template for incoming cases, creating a  Case tracking feature on the homepage. Users now have the ability to email responses directly out from a case giving them a complete view of all incoming and outgoing correspondence. From here, any inventory adjustments can be made. Using TS Documents again a packing slip was created as a template which picks up any products that have been claimed/ordered on the case.

The Results

Feedback from the client… “The handover was clear and concise with a session explaining what else could be achieved from my first building blocks. This opened my eyes and it was mainly items I’d never have thought of on my own – clearly the experience Purus had gained working with others was providing me value at that time. We went live with ‘products’, ‘quotes’ and ‘price books’ for items with a $ buy price and £ sale price. At first I was concerned about recording currency fluctuations but even that was simple to do and easy to maintain. Even the data import proved a valuable exercise as I could clear up some inaccuracies which had been around for ages.”