What is Desk.com?

Desk.com is the ultimate Case Management tool and it’s designed to integrate seamlessly with Salesforce or alternatively, it can be used as a standalone product. With Desk.com, you’ll never miss a communication from a customer, no matter how they choose to contact you, via Twitter, Facebook, email or phone. Desk.com automatically collects and organises your customer interactions from every channel. These are then prioritised based on business needs,meaning your agents are quicker to respond and more productive.

Desk.com Support & Solution

Here at Purus Consultants, we can provide you with a wide range of end-to-end Desk.com solutions, including:
  • Salesforce and/or Desk Administration
  • System Optimisation-Reduce Costs & Increase Functionality
  • Development and Integration
  • Support Center Branding
  • Data Migration
  • Desk.com canvas apps (Add Custom Functionality)

Desk.com Implementation Process

Below, you can see the implementation process of Desk.com:
  • Kick Off & Configuration
  • Desk.com System Setup
  • Setup Channels
  • Case Layout
  • Labels
  • Create Workflow Rules
  • Case Notifications
  • Create Case Filters
  • Escalation Process
Purus Consultants will implement your Desk.com support centre, in order to fit with your Brand Identity, so you choose the look and feel of the site. Below are just some of the features which can implemented into your site:
  • Seamless Site Experience - Main site navigation included to create a seamless experience
  • Custom “Contact Us” page
  • Responsive design
  • Full custom design
  • Enable Chat feature
  • Customize contact form to capture additional details

Canvass Apps & Integrations

We can add custom functionality to desk, through the use of canvass apps, or integrate other systems to pull in related information:
  • Full custom design
  • Integrate Crm, databases, telephone systems and more

Desk.com Training

We complete the Desk.com implementation process with two training sessions to ensure your team are up to speed and ready to go on launch day!
  • Train the Trainer– System Management training to the System Administrators
  • Agents Training
For further information and help regarding our Desk.com support and services, please contact us or call us on +44 (0) 121 2503615 today.